You can send the product you want to change or return, within 14 days from the delivery date, with two copies of the invoice for the product, stating the change/return on the back of the invoice.


Return and return shipping costs for returns and exchanges belong to the buyer. In order to benefit from our contracted shipping fee, you must send the returns and exchanges with Retrobird payment. When the product reaches us, your return will be refunded to you by deducting the discounted shipping cost.


You can call the courier to your address by calling Ups Kargo customer service. At this stage, it is sufficient to specify our company agreement code to the incoming courier. Shipping fees are deducted from the product price and refunded to your card.


If the cargo delivery cannot be provided by the customer (wrong address is specified, cannot be found at the address, the cargo is abandoned after delivery), the cargo fees belong to the buyer.


Due to hygiene reasons, there are no returns or exchanges on our jewelry, underwear subgroups and products such as masks.

Our Customer Service will contact you in case of possible price differences in exchange transactions.

You can get your shipping code from the cargo company in order to track your exchange and return shipments.





ARAS KARGO return code: 1429438011451


UPS Shipping: 07FE00


You can call a courier for a return by clicking on the link


Note: When you are going to return with UPS cargo, be sure to fill out the request page as follows.



Caferağa mh. fashion cd. No: 28/B


Exchanges and Returns from Stores


You can instantly change the orders made on and Retrobird mobile applications, for which the discount amount has not been applied, from our stores within 14 days.

For other exchanges and returns, you can deliver our products to our stores and start your exchange / return process through our stores. Our stores will deliver the products you want to change or return to our center as soon as possible and your transaction will be carried out.

Our stores will act as the delivery point in this process and will initiate the process for your return transactions.



Refunds for purchases made with a credit card are made to the credit card from which the purchase was made. The difference cannot be refunded to a credit card or cash. Refunds to credit cards will be credited to your card account within 10 working days, depending on your bank.


Returns will be refunded by deducting the shipping fee.


In your installment payments;

    The entire amount of the refund is made by us at once to the bank to which your credit card belongs.
    You can see the refund amount as a "plus balance" balance on your next statement. Your bank returns the installment amount to your card in the number of installments you choose per month.
    If any installment payment has been made before the refund, your bank will deposit the entire balance of the installments you have paid in the month after the refund.

The repayment period of your payments made by Debit Card or Credit Card differs according to the banks. You can learn your payment information from your bank or check your account statement.

The refund of your payments made by wire transfer/EFT is refunded by wire transfer to the account number to which the EFT or wire transfer is linked or sent.

The gift voucher price you use for returned products is not redefined to your account. The coupons given during the campaign cannot be used after the end of the campaign.

Shipping-delivery fee is non-refundable.




Customer service


You can contact us through the following communication channels for style consultancy, questions about your orders, questions about exchange/returns and all issues related to Retrobird.

Phone: 0544 270 80 91

E-Mail: [email protected]