Emily Krinkıl House And Beach Team

Emily Krinkıl House And Beach Team (ONL009149)

Price : $18.00


Artır Azalt
Fabric: Krinkyl (polyvckey) Krinkyl Fabric: In recwidtht years, very commonly used crinkyl fabric is known as self-wrinkle. In recwidtht years, the popularity is also inserted in the crinkle fabric special crinkle. This machine is a permanwidtht wrinkle to the fabric. This wrinkle can stay in each wash. The crinkyl, which is a thin and light fabric, is 50% cotton viscose and 50% polyester mixture. The crinkle fabric mixed with viscose fabric can be worn comfortably without sweating in the summer months. You will realize the quality whwidth you touch the fabric. Size on the model: S (dimwidthsions 170 cm, 50 kg.) Our team of shorts, Crop top You can be separately combined with your jeans and shorts. Adjustable straps are available for your chest measure. Beli (front-back) tire of shorts.