Set Of 2'S To Beech Skirts

Set Of 2'S To Beech Skirts (ONLe1009418)

Price : $21.00


Artır Azalt
Skirt: Cotton-containing linwidth blwidthded, textured fiery skirt. Viscose fabrics must be washed in the cold water setting of your machine. Only the Max to occur in the first washing max. The skirt is adjusted by having a 3% pull share. The beli is tire. Size S. Model Size: 162 cm, 48 kg. Hanged top: made of cotton-containing fabrics. Since the first washing is 3-5% withdrawal, the product pattern is made of half-body wide. Does not pull after the first wash. The hangers must connect, adjustable. The size you have selected in two products is swidtht.